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SuccessConnect Las Vegas will offer another year of rich content presented by industry experts and leaders in the HR field that are truly making a difference for their organizations. Get inspired with over 100 sessions in eight breakout tracks to participate in.

For more information, review the track descriptions below.

Creating Engagement with Core HR: including Benefits, Time Management and Payroll

Gain insight into how you can simplify your core HR, benefits, time management and payroll needs. Identify best practices and learn about the road map for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Employee Central Benefits, Employee Central Payroll and Employee Central Time Management. Gain valuable insight into product capabilities and the product road map from SAP SuccessFactors solution experts, including best practices and customer stories.

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Motivational Performance and Compensation Management

Improve employee performance, succession planning, and compensation management. Learn about the latest trends and gain insight into, and direction on, all aspects of employee performance management capabilities enabled by SAP SuccessFactors solutions, including continuous performance management.

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Turning Purpose into Performance

Strategies for success on how to connect and fulfill individual and organizational purpose and improve overall business performance. This session will provide insight on how you can help lead your organizations digital transformation, improve workforce experiences and generate better organizational outcomes based on your organization’s mission and objectives.

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Intelligent HCM: Data-based Strategies for Success

With today’s rapidly evolving digital economy, manual tasks are being automated with the infusion of machine learning and robotics, and intelligence is being ingrained across all enterprise systems. This track will explore strategies to help you digitally transform your HCM solutions and leverage a data-based approach that helps fuel better experiences and business results. You’ll learn about our latest innovations and direction in Reporting, Analytics, Embedded Intelligence, and Planning across and within the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite. Also discover how SAP HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Leonardo are being used to power the change toward intelligent HCM.

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Results-Driven Learning

Explore the latest best practices, discover the recent trends, and gain insight into the road map for SAP SuccessFactors Learning. Take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on topics like learning for talent development, compliance, and training external audiences.

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Under the Hood: SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Technology

Discover how all HCM cloud technologies are not the same and why the differences among these technologies are more important than ever. Hear best practices, gain insight into our technology road map and direction, and share your ideas on our cloud platform, enabled by HANA, SAP SuccessFactors Mobile Apps (for both iOS and Android), security, UX/design, integration and extensibility.

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Transforming Talent Acquisition

Identify best practices from peers and partners, discover the latest trends in talent acquisition, and gain insight into SAP SuccessFactors solutions for recruiting and onboarding. In addition, get valuable insight into the solution capabilities and road map, including candidate relationship management functionality.

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Beyond HCM: SAP SuccessFactors HCM and SAP Solutions

Learn how to expand your SAP SuccessFactors solution beyond HCM by incorporating strategic capabilities such as total workforce management; enterprise social collaboration; employee engagement; and integration with finance. Hear customers share information about the added value you can get from deploying multiple solution across the SAP SuccessFactors suite and the SAP portfolio.

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Advancing Workforce Agility in the Digital Age

With today’s rapidly changing digital economy customers are interacting with your business in new ways, demanding new and deeper relationships. Is your workforce ready? This track will explore workforce agility in today’s digital economy and strategies for success to connect and engage highly globalized workforces, best practices for providing simple, effective HR-service delivery thru multiple digital channels, and how to create total workforce experiences. This track will also focus on techniques for instilling more agility within your workforce, such as building flexible organizations, strategies for accelerating time-to-productivity, continuous performance - and continuous career development.

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