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SuccessConnect 2017 Las Vegas, offered over 100 sessions for professionals who are successfully navigating the challenges of transforming their businesses and their HR functions to build on the digital economy. Below is the list of breakout tracks.

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Check out the list of track descriptions below:

Transforming HR: Strategies for Success

HR plays a key role in an organization’s digital transformation. Discover how HR is driving digital transformation journeys, using advanced technologies to achieve powerful business outcomes. You’ll hear from industry experts and your peers as they share advice and experiences on embarking upon a successful digital journey. SAP SuccessFactors helps make it possible, by providing solutions for moving to the cloud and identifying value drivers and metrics to quantify the benefits.

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Rethink Your Approach to Core HR and Payroll

Today’s HR solutions must help simplify HR operations and improve employee engagement, across the entire workforce. With SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, you can use the cloud to transform your approach to HR processes and payroll. You can also continue to leverage your existing SAP ERP HCM implementation with the renewal service, so you can focus on cloud deployments of other SAP SuccessFactors solutions. You’ll hear from customers about transformation strategies, implementation case studies, and cloud migrations, and gain valuable insights into product capabilities and the product roadmap from SAP solutions experts.

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Business Insight with Reporting and Analytics

In today’s hypercompetitive market, it’s critically important for HR to provide managers and executives with the insights they need to drive business success. With SAP SuccessFactors solutions, you can measure and analyze HR processes and strategies anytime, anywhere. Join these sessions and gain insights into every aspect of human capital analytics, including reporting, workforce analytics, and workforce planning.

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Use Learning for Competitive Advantage

In an era of ever-increasing change and never-ending demands for new skills, a comprehensive approach to learning is crucial. You’ll find out about best practices, discover the latest trends in learning, and gain insight into the roadmap for SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues, on topics such as learning for talent development, compliance, and training external audiences.

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A Fresh Approach to Recruiting and Onboarding

Success means knowing where to find the most talented people, how to engage and hire them quickly, and the best ways to get them up to speed as rapidly as possible. You’ll hear about best practices from peers and partners, discover the latest trends in talent acquisition, and find out about SAP SuccessFactors solutions for recruiting and onboarding, including our powerful SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting. You will also get valuable insights into product capabilities and roadmap from SAP software experts.

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Rethinking Performance Management, Compensation, and Succession

Companies are better aligning employee performance and improving compensation and succession decisions, by refocusing performance-management processes on continuous coaching and development. You’ll learn about the latest trends and how SAP SuccessFactors solutions is delivering powerful insights into every aspect of employee performance-management capabilities, including continuous performance management, compensation, and succession and development.

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Technology Does Matter in the Cloud

With HR processes increasingly moving to the cloud, the underlying technology is becoming more important than ever. You’ll deepen your insights into every aspect of cloud technology that supports SAP SuccessFactors solutions. You will also find out about best practices; gain insight into our roadmap and direction; and share your ideas on usability, security, integration, and extensibility.

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Empowerment and Support

Find out how system administrators get the most out of their SAP SuccessFactors solutions investments through available services, support, tools, and best practices.

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Cross-Suite Success and Beyond

Hear customers share information about the added value that you can get from deploying the entire suite of SAP SuccessFactors solutions. You’ll also find out how to expand your SAP SuccessFactors solution implementations beyond HR to incorporate strategic topics such as external worker management with SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management Systems, and social collaboration with SAP Jam.

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